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Potchefstroom Meetup – CreateZA South Africa Tour 2021


And so our country-wide tour around South Africa begins! And I truly believe it couldn’t have started in a better way. To paint a quick picture – Tenn, Sheldon, and I all believe that God has his hand over this trip and as we have been reminded many times “CreateZA has a plan, but God has his own agenda.” and I truly believe this event is a representation of that statement. So let’s dive into the event itself!

We were so incredibly lucky to collaborate with The Texas Bar who was more than willing to host our first CreateZA event in Potch. This event was a Meetup which is designed to create beneficial and healthy relationships within the community of content creators within a specific region. So that was our goal for this event, to build relationships.

The event started off rather slowly with a few YouTubers arriving every now and again. I will admit, I was rather worried that our first event in our tour would only include a handful of people. But as I stated above God had his own agenda. Tenn was outside filming the venue getting some BTS shots for our vlogs of the event and came across a handful of YouTubers. And so he invited them in and our numbers doubled!

With our increasing numbers, we officially started our Meetup. The Team and I gave some quick presentations discussing the history of CreateZA and how they can get involved with the community. After these brief presentations, we allowed the attendees time to just fellowship together, but out of this period, something incredible happened.

After a quick call-to-action from Sheldon every single person who attended the event came together and as one we began praying (You can see this taking place in the header image of this blog). We thanked God for the awesome opportunity he had given all of us to come together, and for how he has been weaving events through our life to come together in this exact moment. Sheldon then asked the members of the event if anyone wanted to be prayed over specifically in regards to the gift of creativity, and half of the attendees stepped forward as the other prayed for them.

The prayer officially concluded the event and people slowly started to leave in drips and drags before the Core Team was all that remained. 

But wow, what a way to start our tour. By having God be the focal point. As I stated above, “CreateZA has a plan, but God has his own agenda.” We truly believe that God is going to send the right people to our events, those that need help in content creation, education and collaboration, but also those who need fellowship and love.


Author – Caleb Janssens

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