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Did Comic Con Africa 2022 measure up to its claims that it would be larger and better than
all previous iterations? Well let’s dig in and see…

From September 22 through September 25, Comic Con Africa 2022 was held at the
Johannesburg Expo Center. The organizers revealed the reasoning for the decision after
previous guests questioned why the event was moved to a new location. They discussed
the reasons why a larger, more roomy location was required after the previous editions
turned out to be too crowded and to calm any post-Covid worries visitors may have had.
However, don’t assume that this means you have more space to take a casual walk and
enjoy a hot Spring day.

Comic Con Africa is Africa’s biggest geek culture festival

While Thursday and Friday’s attendance was more than adequate and in line with what
one might anticipate for a weekday convention, Saturday’s turnout was a claustrophobic’s
worst nightmare. This was undoubtedly a high point and proof of the event’s success for
Comic Con Africa. It is an impressive accomplishment to sell out a larger arena during a
load-shedding situation and when most South Africans are in a rather negative mindset
and don’t exactly want to leave the house. It is evidence that Comic Con Africa is growing
and becoming a popular annual outing for many fans and families with each passing year.
However, going forward, this does create an intriguing issue for the organizers: Where
should Comic Con Africa be held the next year if it has outgrown the Johannesburg Expo

Comic Con Africa is growing and becoming a popular annual outing for many fans and families

with each passing year.

From an entertainment standpoint, this year had something for everyone. More work was
put into every aspect of the event rather than just relying on the superstars as the major
attraction. It seemed like something was happening around every corner. There was
always something new to see or experience, whether it was the interviews and
discussions with the international guests like Jamie Campbell Bower and Ross Butler,
Netflix’s Stranger Things activation that got everyone talking, local and international
cosplayers showcasing their most recent creations, or Nintendo’s incredible stand at the
Gaming Hall. There were also merchants in each hall, of course. A wide range of
preferences were catered for, and there were obviously more selections and exhibits than
in past years.

Despite the title, Comic Con Africa has long considered itself to be the pinnacle of gaming
and pop culture. As with the other international editions, it has expanded far beyond
comics. However, since they constitute the lifeblood of these events, there is something to
be said about the comics fans that attend them. One grins as they pass through the artists’
alley at Comic Con Africa 2022. These are the types of people who are preserving the
comic book medium, whether they are regional superstars like artists Sean Izaakse and
Jason Masters or global heavyweights like Zach Howard and Steve Ellis. The multibillion
dollar comic book movies, incredible monuments, and elaborate costumes would not exist
without these artists. If you didn’t have an opportunity to view some artwork or engage with
these artists this year, I highly advise you to do so in the future since here is where the
event’s true heart lives.

One of our creators Preshaan D, who is a loyal supporter of Comic Con said ” The event
got off to a great start with an amazing turnout on all 4 days of the event due to the longing
of con-goers alike from missing the con over the last 2 years due to covid. I don’t think
anyone could’ve expected the turnout that they had over that weekend. It also shows how
overlooked South Africa is as we have a such deep longing for gaming, e-sports, pop
culture, geek culture and tech. I enjoyed the event with many amazing exhibitors and
panels, the event offered us the opportunity to meet many fans and followers, as well as to
meet and engage with some new and old partners. I hope that Comic Con takes from this
event and not just focuses on growing to different locations across the country but also
focuses on expanding on the venue as they have had such an amazing turnout and so
much support for just this one event.”