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I am Anschke Wessels

Hello there I see you clicked on the red button. Welcome to my CreateZA Profile. 

Now that you are here let me tell you a bit more about myself, I’m 24 Years old and my name is Anschke Wessels. I’m known on social media as Lady A, the reason for ‘Lady A’ is firstly because people struggle to pronounce my name and secondly I always tell people I am an independent young lady, I can do it myself… I am also currently studying Psychology and my biggest dream is to help people with low self-esteem to find happiness in who they are. 

Being a creative, I found Tiktok a wonderful platform to create fun content on, where I can make people laugh, and/or smile. 

I recently started an Instagram page where I focus on sharing content about mental health, as I want to break the stigma that we must be okay and wear a “smile” all the time, but most of all, I want to help people love themselves for who they are.  We need to stop looking at the perfect people because even the most perfect person sits with their own insecurities and problems (we just don’t see it).

To join me on this journey make sure you follow me on my Instagram and if you just want a laugh Tiktok is the place for you!