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What are Community Collaborations?

CreateZA Community Collaborations are video submission style collaboration videos that occur on a monthly basis. Every month the CreateZA Core Team releases a topic for discussion to which the community has the opportunity to respond in the form of video submission. This initiative is designed to help create a culture of collaboration while building relationships with the members of the community.

Who is your favorite South African Content Creator? CreateZA Community Collaboration – June 2021

We asked the CreateZA Community to tell us about their favorite South African influencers on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. CreateZA loves community and relationships. We aim to create an environment of collaboration and growth. Our monthly collaborations are just a taste of this.

South African Content Creators – CreateZA Community Collaboration May 2021

This month our CreateZA collab asks members in the community to give you an intro to their content.

What does South Africa mean to you? – CreateZA Community Collaboration April 2021

CreateZA of course has a large part of its identity based on the fact that it is a South African Community. So we asked the members of our community what South Africa means to them.

What are our goals for 2021 – CreateZA Community Collaboration – March 2021

We asked the CreateZA Community “What are your goals and plans for 2021?” and the community answered our collaboration with a variety of different goals, plans, milestones, and achievements. Needless to say, the CreateZA Community is going to be accomplishing so incredibly big and exciting things this year!

What did we do during Lockdown? – CreateZA Community Collaboration

We asked the CreateZA Community “What did you do during lockdown?”, and their responses were varied and unique! From creating cosplays to short films and a few mental breakdowns, the CreateZA Community has definitely been keeping themselves busy!