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What is Content Creator of the Month?

Content Creator of the Month is an award given to a Content Creator or team within the CreateZA Community each month. This initiative was started as a way to inspire the community to continue growing, working hard, pursuing milestones, and raising the quality standard of their content.

When awarding someone with Content Creator of The Month the CreateZA Core Team takes a variety of factors into consideration. These factors include, but are not limited to – Quality of content, Consistency of work, engagement within the community, and content of their character.

The creators below have all exceeded the traits and factors we mentioned before and have gone above and beyond to know only create good, quality content, but leave a positive impact on the CreateZA Community as a whole.

Content Creator of the Month Recommendations

If you have any recommendations for who you believe should win CreateZA’s Content Creator of the Month then send your submissions through by using the button below!

Thato Rampedi

Content Creator of the Month – August 2021

We are so excited to announce that Thato Rampedi is our Content Creator of the Month for August!

His dedication to and love of  Content Creation and filming is infectious! His love for educating and teaching other creators in the community is apparent as he has been present as a panelist at multiple CreateZA Workshops. His YouTube channel is currently growing at a rapid rate with over 90k subscribers.

His hilarious videos portray his unique personality and love for people. If you want to find an authentic South African Creator, you have found him!


Content Creator of the Month – July 2021


We are so excited to announce that BusyMindGuy is our Content Creator of the Month for July!

His dedication to and love of the CreateZA Community has shown the true quality of his character. He is always ready to help and support other creators. He is a motivating voice when we are struggling, and pushes the community to grow and improve.

His unique video concepts and ideas set him apart from the rest – with examples like One Friend In Every Country and The South African Triangle, you can get a good sense of his humor and love for community and friendship.

Psycadillo Daniella Mosca

Content Creator of the Month – June 2021

Hey CreateZA Community! We are so excited to announce that local and professional cosplayer @psycadillo is our Content Creator of the Month for June!

@psycadillo holds herself and her work to an incredibly high standard, which is seen through her work and collaborations with @netflixsa @ubisoftex and @comicconafrica_official

But she strives to remain humble and not only interacts with others in the community but tries her best to help and assist those whenever and wherever she can!

You can follow her on Instagram and YouTube where she focuses on her cosplays, tutorials, breakdowns and so much more!

Content Creator of the Month – May 2021

CreateZA is excited to announce that our Content Creator for the month of May is Sunnishine Café! Sunni blazes a path of originality and confidence. Her desire to create a unique identity for herself and stand against the norm really sets her apart from vloggers and content creators in her field.

Sunni is a fashion vlogger and model. This is where her love shines through! Her love and passion for fashion reflect in her content on her Instagram Page and YouTube Channel. So if you are a fan of fashion and the occasional try-on haul you know where to find Sunni’s content.

Content Creator of the Month – April 2021

CreateZA is so happy to announce that Sarah & Marek are our Content Creators of the Month for April! Sarah & Marek are a South African couple that is currently traveling internationally and creating educational and entertaining videos about the world’s cultures and locations.

Sarah & Marek’s dedication to creating quality content that not only entertains but teaches and educates sets them apart from other, traveling style bloggers.

Content Creator of the Month – March 2021

CreateZA is excited to announce that Daniel Chappe de Leonval (Happe Chappe) is our Content Creator of the Month for March. He is a Photographer, Editor, and award-winning short film Director. Happe Chappe is consistent with his content on YouTube and Instagram but also dabbles in Tik-Tok. He has presented at our meetups in Durban and was recently interviewed during one of our conference calls about his award-winning short film “Return”.

Content Creator of the Month – February 2021

CreateZA is proud to announce Jared Naidu as Content Creator of The Month for February 2021! Jared has been a consistent creator that actively participates in the community. He was instrumental in the creation of the CreateZA Durban Group and has assisted in many of the Durban Workshops. Jared’s desire to work consistently on his channel is a testament to his commitment to his subscribers, and to his craft.