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CreateZA Academy

After years of hosting creator workshops across South Africa and working with this country’s most established YouTubers, we have compiled the most important content from all this into our very own YouTube Academy.

Using this training we aim to improve the standard of content from South African YouTubers. With teachers coming from our own core team who has years of experience in production, content creator workshops and being creators themselves, we can assist in reducing your struggles as a content creator and simplifying the journey straight to success on the platform.

The academy is administered over 2 months with weekly live sessions, documentation, slides, and quality production videos to aid you in the learning process. What makes us different from Skillshare, Udemy and the other online learning platforms is that our teachers are hands-on in marking your assignments and giving thorough review points on your strengths and points for improvement.

The content we cover extends over these points of mental preparation for the platform, niche identification, production, SEO, team productions, and conflict resolution in teams.

We have made these lessons affordable enough to accommodate for the budget of our creators. If you are interested, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to help you on your content creation journey!

How to get Involved?

If you are at all interested in joining the CreateZA Academy, where you will learn all you need to know about Content Creation, Production, Post-Production and Social Media Management, then you can contact us via email (createzaevents@gmail.com) or give us a call at +27 61 876 9914 and we will make sure that you will be attending our academy in no time at all!