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What is CreateZA Community?

The CreateZA Community group was born out of a passion for content creators connecting with one another, learning more about their craft, and taking a step to lift the South African content standard.

 Our vision is to build the community of creators in South Africa and help them by equipping them with the tools and values to improve and sustain their content. Our mission is to create a platform for the creative community to connect, learn, grow and instill positive community values.

But how do we aim to achieve our values & mission?

One of the cornerstones of the community is our content creator meetups and workshops. These events have taken place across South Africa. The meetups offer an opportunity for creators to network, focus on relationships, and work towards collaboration. The workshops are designed to educate creators and develop their skills by featuring knowledgeable presenters who teach important points within content creation. Experienced panelists are career professionals who answer questions from the community about their craft.

Conference calls were born out of necessity after the global pandemic prevented physical events from taking place. These calls focus on building amongst the community. The calls are used to raise awareness about topics within the community. This more informal approach allows for a more personal learning experience.

To provide a digital environment for content creators from different provinces and platforms, we have developed community and niche groups across WhatsApp, Discord and Telegram. Our platforms on Facebook and Instagram are also spaces for creators to connect. Through these platforms, we host a series of monthly community-centered content. Monthly collab videos, highlights, and content creator of the month are all ways for the community to personally engage and grow.

If you want to be a part of a thriving community that connects with each other and wants to grow, then reach out to us on our socials, and we can get you plugged in!

How do I join the community?

The CreateZA Community is open to anyone and everyone who is passionate about Content Creation and improving their craft. We have space and a place for everyone. No matter your platform (YouTube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, etc) and no matter your niche (Lifestyle & Beauty, Geek Culture, Vlogging, etc) we promise to help find you a group of like-minded individuals.

You can join our groups via our LinkTree or you can email us and we will get you plugged in! You can also contact us through the form below.