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I am Janine Kilian

Hi, thanks for clicking through. I’m Janine Kilian, Lifestyle Blogger, Content Creator, and Social Media Marketing Manager & Influencer Coach.

I have always loved creating content from an early age being in front of the camera, where we arranged our own photoshoots in mom’s living room to take it behind the scenes of the camera and starting freelance photography as a hobby after I matriculated. I have spent hours behind the scenes learning all the things social media to elevate myself and my love for influencer marketing.

Since starting as an Influencer in 2018 I have been privileged to work with a few well-known brands such as:
-Radisson Blu & Amani Spa
-Domino’s Pizza
-Organics Hair
-Zara, to name a few…

I offer a wide range of services from product/service reviews to product photography and brand ambassadorships. If you would like to get in touch with me, you can contact me on 061 484 9340 / janine@janineki.com

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