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Monthly Highlights

What are Monthly Highlights?

CreateZA monthly Highlights are short video highlight reels that occur on a monthly basis. There is a lot that happens in the community during a single month, and these videos offer the members of our community the chance to catch up on everything. From events and news to milestones, anything and everything that impacted the CreateZA community will be present in these videos.

CreateZA Community Highlights – June 2021

June was a turbulent time for South Africa, yet our community members remained strong and continued to create content for everyone to enjoy! The community accomplished so much! Psycadillo (Daniella Mosca) was our Content Creator of The Month. We had a fantastic collaboration with members of our community shouting out one another. Our Durban Meetup was a smashing success! 

CreateZA Community Highlights – May 2021

May was one of the most exciting months CreateZA has had in a long time! With the community smashing some awesome milestones, our biggest community collab to date, and growth in our community as our members continue to rise! But, what makes everything more exciting is the start of our CreateZA South African Tour as we hosted a meetup at Potchefstroom and a workshop in Pretoria.

CreateZA Community Highlights – April 2021

April was an incredibly exciting time for CreateZA. The community accomplished many different milestones, our Tik-Tok groups have grown exponentially, our website is live, and… We have been planning for our country-wide tour!

CreateZA Community Highlights – March 2021

March 2021 was an exciting time for the CreateZA Community and many of our members have achieved many milestones and seen incredible growth! March had some noticeable highlights such as a growing community achieving their goals, the rebranding of the CreateZA Facebook page, interviews with Michael Cost and The Joose_ZA on our YouTube channel, and our monthly community collaboration where Instagrammers, YouTubers, and Tik-Tokkers alike all contributed.

CreateZA Community Highlights – February 2021

February 2021 was an incredibly exciting time for the CreateZA Community! So much happened that it is impossible to fit it all into a 3-minute video… but we are going to try! February had some noticeable highlights such as our weekly conference calls, the launch of the CreateZA Media website, the launch of the CreateZA YouTube Channel, and our monthly community collaboration.