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I am Sheldon Zam

Hi, I’m Sheldon Zam. My content is about building the creative community in South Africa, media production, and lifestyle.

Everything seems impossible until it’s done – Nelson Mandela

With a background in building the creative community of content creators across South Africa, I have learned the heartbeat of creators and how to inspire them to work towards the vision of an equipped and renowned community of influencers, globally. This can be seen by our volunteer teams across six of South Africa’s biggest cities who help us plan creator events featuring South Africa’s most established content creators, artists, and creators with relevant field experience. Between 2019 and 2020 alone we have planned over 25 of these meetups and workshops.

Because of my passion to equip creative entrepreneurs with knowledge, experience, and work opportunities I have chosen to co-ordinate these events, mentor the teams who put them together, employ freelance producers and social media marketers nationally.

We have worked together with brands like Special Effects Media SA, TikTok SA, and Old Mutual in their AMPD Studios.

My expertise currently includes:

* Goal and vision setting
* Multi-disciplinary team building and leadership
* Capacity building
* Event Planning & Co-ordination
* Influencer and content marketing
* Online community building
* Education and training
* Strategic partnerships
* Brand ambassadorship

If you want to support the creative community of entrepreneurs in South Africa you can direct message @CreateZA on Instagram to help create your creative event. Alternatively, if you need Social Media Marketing or productions, you can reach out to @CreateZAMedia on Instagram.

Finally, I am the co-founder of CreateZA with Tshenolo Tshekeng.

Some of my hobbies include hiking, going on shoots, and playing guitar.
You can play a sweet melody on one string. But put the right strings together and you can orchestrate a masterpiece.

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